12-5pm – Monaghan Institute, Armagh Road, Monaghan

Everyone is invited to join us at our FREE FAMILY Fun DAY with hands on activities, shows, demonstrations, workshops and no booking is required.

Marine Science Workshop

Educate Through Recreation will now visit the Monaghan Family Fun! With numerous exhibits on show to include collection of indigenous shells as well as shells from the tropics plus specimen Trumpet and Nautilus shells, living fossils, Whale, seal and dolphin bones plus dolphins teeth and prepared microscopic slides of dolphin teeth, microscopical slides of marine and freshwater plankton along with sampling equipment used in oceanographic studies. Also to see will be drift wood and examples of bespoke artwork from samples collected from the beach, sample literature and many fun items for younger kids. There is something for everyone and all participants will get an opportunity to get to see and enjoy all on display in a fun filled relaxed environment that will be educational and inspirational to all.

Zoo To You

Come see and hear about reptiles including snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and even some tarantulas and scorpions. An opportunity to come close to some of the animals and maybe even touch them, while dispelling some common myths about reptiles and arachnids and helping people to overcome some of their fears.

Test Your Mind:

The Problem-Solving Initiative Do you love solving problems and brain teasers? Test your mind with puzzles and challenges from the Problem-Solving Initiative! Try decoding the languages of the world with the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, test your wits with logic games, and check out examples of science and technology careers for strong problem solvers. There’s something for all ages and ability levels. Run by the Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Centre, the Problem-Solving Initiative (www.problemsolving.ie) aims to foster the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland.

Museum Show and Tell

Meet some of the Monaghan County Museum staff as they present a hands on display of objects and artefacts from their extensive collections. Learn more about how simple science was applied thousands of years ago to overcome some enormous obstacles.

Build it, Make it Play Area

Want to build the highest tower? Maybe make the next new fastest model car? Or simply relax and use your imagination to build with lego, knex, mecchano and a host of other wonderful educational and fun equipment to try out. Suitable for all ages

The Monaghan Spitfire – The Science behind the Story

The team behind the excavation of Spitfire R6992 “The Monaghan Spitfire” in May of this year will keep you gripped as they explain how they used historical research, intelligence, old fashioned fieldwork, landscape interpretation and geophysics to locate the crash site of this iconic Battle of Britain veteran aircraft. They’ll explain the legal requirements, the archaeological process and the community involvement in this exciting WW2 project which brought the National press flocking to a rural Co Monaghan field. The geophysical devices used on the dig will be on hand and the science behind them will be explained. Significant parts of the aircraft recovered in the excavation will also be there for you to see. Presented by Prof Alastair Ruffell (QUB) & Jonny McNee (WW2 Historian)


Science is Magic – Demonstrations

In this interactive show you will do the science experiments yourself. Why does static electricity make your hair stand on end? Is it found in nature? Can you hold a bucket full of water held upside down over your head and not get wet? How do you make a magnet with a wire, battery and a nail?  How does a hot air balloon fly and how do I make my own one? What is the science behind the gun? The human body, sound, light, heat and many other subjects all is shows and all tried out by yourself. Facilitated by Michael Moylan from Irish History. Introduction to Coderdojo

All young people aged 7 years + are invited to come along and try out Coderdojo, explore the games and technology in an informal and creative environment.

Popping Good Chemistry

Let's investigate chemistry with the materials we have in the house! Come and take part in a fun chemistry investigation that you can continue at home with material you can by in a shop. This great investigation can foster the enquiring mind of the young and old alike. Take your already formed observational science skills and use them in predicting what is going to happen in the investigation.

Lego Mindstorm

Lego mindstorm is programmable lego- learn how to get your lego to move.  Learn to build frogs and programme them to jump or build small robots and get them to move. Spaces limited at each workshop and is first come first served.


The FabLab from the Nerve Centre in Derry are returning to the festival with their 3D printers, laser cutters and an array of equipment for everyone to get creating and making various objects to bring home.

Anyone for Science

Anyone 4 Science, the fun, hands-on science education organisation will be doing a range of hands-on experiments and science activities for everyone to participate in. If you always wanted to make slime, learn how to read minds or just see of you are full of hot air we will be there to help you and explain some of the science behind our activities.

Dinosaurs Down Under Shows

After a decade exciting us about tales of the life in our own Irish back garden’s.  Dale Treadwell, RTEjr’s best loved  nature guy is set to take us on a journey to his own back yard of Australia with a catch it’s the Gondwana Land of over  100 million years ago!!!  Dale is joined by a cast of realistic Down Under Dinosaurs and an exciting AV display.  If you have a dinosaur fan in your house, you do not want to miss it! 

Junior Einsteins

Junior Einsteins Science Club is passionate about bringing a love of science and learning to primary school aged children. We bring the WOW factor to the science facts! Their inclusive, hands-on approach is unique. Junior Einsteins Science Club teaches the core aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology through ‘make & do’, messy experiments, quizzes and games.

Minecraft Engineering Challenges with STEM Aware

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Stampy or DanTDM?  Come visit the Minecraft area to explore specially created worlds such as the International Space Station where you will be given an Engineering challenge to complete in 30 mins!  You’ll be building in Creative Mode with the guidance of the STEM Aware Team.

Podcasting with Createschool

Want to have a go at podcasting? Come along to the family fun day, where you can get the opportunity to create a podcast with the latest technology, where you will use an app to record and edit your podcast on any subject. Podcasts are a simple and effective way to share your stories, opinions and experiences.



Explore science through art: Use microscopic images of creatures both familiar and alien to create monstrous drawings and designs based on what you see! These creepy creature designs will be joined together to make a huge work of art which will be displayed afterwards in the Library. 

Da Vinci, Art and Science

Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer and draftsman – who studied the laws of science and nature which greatly informed his work. Come along to these da Vinci inspired drawing sessions at the Family Fun day, and learn how to interpret and draw like this great artist.

Want to be a Scientist?

Are you the next Einstein? Or maybe Newtown? Or perhaps the modern day Iron Man? Visit our Science Selfie and dress up area on the day, along with face painters.