7pm - Geo Park, The Burren, Cavan

About 3km south of Blacklion and northwest of the Cuilcagh mountain lies a remarkable limestone plateau at an altitude of

between 700-900 feet, which is now beginning to be recognised as one of the finest landscapes of its size in all of Ireland. It is the perfect location to host an astronomical evening with Terry Moseley, from the Irish Astronomical Association, who will have several telescopes and powerful binoculars to show the wonders of the night sky, including beautiful double stars, star clusters, giant nebulae where stars and planets are currently being born, and the amazing Andromeda Galaxy, the 'big sister' of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Terry will also use a powerful laser pointer to point out the constellations and interesting stars, and the background stories as to how they got their names. You will also have the opportunity to see a meteorite - a piece of a broken-up former planet that collided with Earth very many years ago.

Note: This is an outdoor event, is weather dependent and subject to change.