Virginia Show Centre

No booking required – but come early to guarantee entry to workshops and shows. A fun Filled Family Day

Lego Mindstorm Workshops

A programmable lego- learn how to get your lego to move. Learn to build frogs and programme them to jump or build small robots and get them to move. Note: Spaces limited at each workshop and is first come first served.

Science is Magic Shows

In this interactive show you will do the science experiments yourself. Why does static electricity make your hair stand on end? Is it found in nature? Can you hold a bucket full of water held upside down over your head and not get wet? How do you make a magnet with a wire, battery and a nail? How does a hot air balloon fly and how do I make my own one? What is the science behind the gun? The human body, sound, light, heat and many other subjects all is shows and all tried out by yourself.

A number of shows will take place throughout the day – first come served to each show.

Marine Science Exhibition

With numerous exhibits on show to include collection of indigenous shells as well as shells from the tropics plus specimen Trumpet and Nautilus shells, living fossils, Whale, seal and dolphin bones plus dolphins teeth and prepared microscopic slides of dolphin teeth, microscopical slides of marine and freshwater plankton along with sampling equipment used in oceanographic studies. Also to see will be drift wood and examples of bespoke artwork from samples collected from the beach, sample literature and many fun items for younger kids. There is something for everyone and all participants will get an opportunity to get to see and enjoy all on display in a fun filled relaxed environment that will be educational and inspirational to all.

Planet Science Kidz Shows

These facilitating shows will introduce children to STEM topics allowing them to explore the Microscopic world, Slimy polymers, Acid base reactions, Coke geysers, Exothermic heat as well as learn about the Science of light & energy and so much more.

A number of shows will take place throughout the day – first come served to each show.

Mad Professor Shows

The Mad Professor will carry out a number of fun experiments that will have everyone laughing, entertained and educated in less than 60 minutes! The show will spark the imagination with our mad experiments and activities with lots of interaction with the audience.

Science in Everyday Life Competition Photographic Exhibition

Come see the winning entries to the ‘Science in Everyday Life’ photographic exhibition and be awed and see for yourself how science is everywhere in our daily lives! You might see some surprising images which may inspire you think about what is science and the importance of it in our lives.

Basic First Aid Demos

Find out about the importance of having first aid as an important skill. From performing simple procedures and following guidelines, it may be possible to save lives by giving basic treatment until professional medical help arrives. Meet the Cavan Civil Defence team and see the amazing work they do.

Virginia’s Men’s Sheds

Come and find out about what the men get up to in the shed, showing plenty of science and creativity behind the scenes!

Makermeet with Chris Reina - The Ginormous Geodesic Dome

Fresh back from the largest MakerFaire in Europe - MakerMeetIE present to the public - Geodesic Domes Galore! We have small paper ones as examples - a medium cardboard one and a Ginormous 18’ Dome we invite participants to help construct. Once construction is complete - we will exhibit and demonstration. An exciting hands on examples of STEAM learning. and much more