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Superheroes such as Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Wolverine all possess incredible superpowers and these characters gained their superpowers in unique ways.

For example, Captain America was subject to an experimental super-soldier treatment, a radioactive spider bit Spider-Man, and Wolverine’s regenerative healing powers are due to natural genetic mutations. On the other hand, Wonder Woman is an Amazonian god, and her DNA is likely to differ considerably from human DNA. One important aspect of many superheroes is that they possess a unique physiology, which refers to how the body functions or works everyday. In the Secrets of Superhero Physiology, you will learn about the physiology of many of your favourite superheroes and by how much their physiology differs from the physiology of your body. You’ll hear about the advanced eyesight of Hawkeye, the impenetrable skin of Colossus, the effects of different radiation types on Supergirl, and what happens to the human body when you could shrink like Ant-Man or the Wasp.