The Market House Monaghan | Market Street | Monaghan Wed, Nov 14,  7pm

As microbe imagery is mostly generated for academic purposes, the beauty in their forms is often lost to scientific analysis. Microbe Graphia offers a unique perspective on microbes by blending both science and art, thus allowing the emotional expression embedded in life at the edge of human sight to be captured.

Consisting of compelling images of the smallest organisms on our planet, this exhibition explores the complexity and patterns repeated in nature on a microscopic scale.

About the artist: Kelly Dwyer has been interested in nature and the science of living beings for as long as she can remember. After years of exploring fungi as sources of enzymes for waste-reduction and environmental sustainability in the bio-economy, she has gained a deeper sense of the role of microorganisms in the energy flow of earth’s delicate ecosystem.

This will be Kelly’s first exhibition, launching on Wednesday 14th November at 7:00 pm in The Market House, Monaghan. The exhibition will be available to view for the duration of Cavan Monaghan Science Festival.

****Attendees of the launch will have the opportunity to see specimens through a microscope and grow up their personal microbes on nutrient plates*****