Monaghan Institute 12-5pm

No booking required – but come early to guarantee entry to workshops and shows.

Ozobot Problem-Solving Workshop (for 10-12 Year Olds)

Ozobots are pocket-sized smart robots that are programmable through hand-drawn colour-coded lines. Ozobots connect children to the world of robotics and teach them how to code, design and solve problems. This workshop aims to develop in students the collaborative problem-solving skills that are vital to subjects including Mathematics. It introduces concepts and experiences early in a child’s lifetime that are increasingly present in everyday life.

Note: There will be two workshops on the day at 12.30pm and 3pm – first come first served.

The Monaghan Spitfire

Monaghan County Museum will be displaying parts of the RAF Spitfire which crash landed in the north of the county during World War II and you’ll get the opportunity to view the remains of the Rolls Royce Engine which powered this iconic war plane. There will also be a replica of the 500kg German bomb that was dropped near Lough Egish in Monaghan in 1940. Come and find out a little bit about the science behind this remarkable warplane and the enormous bomb that nearly wiped out an entire community.

Build it, Make it Play Area

Want to build the highest tower? Maybe make the next new fastest model car? Or simply relax and use your imagination to build with lego, knex, mecchano and a host of other wonderful educational and fun equipment to try out. Suitable for all ages

Introduction to Coderdojo

All young people aged 7 years + are invited to come along and try out Coderdojo, explore the games and technology in an informal and creative environment.

Lego Mindstorm

Lego mindstorm is programmable lego- learn how to get your lego to move. Learn to build frogs and programme them to jump or build small robots and get them to move.

Note: There will be two workshops on the day at 12.30pm and 3pm – first come first served.

The Science of Colour - The Magical Transformation of Colour Mixing

Looking at how colours change when you mix them together. Children will experiment with mixing paints together to make other colours and paint an abstract painting using two colours next to each other on the colour wheel. When they have finished, one half of their painting will be covered in a different coloured acrylic sheet to demonstrate dramatically how colour transforms their paintings.


The FabLab from the Nerve Centre in Derry are returning to the festival with their 3D printers, laser cutters and an array of equipment for everyone to get creating and making various objects to bring home.

Anyone for Science

Anyone 4 Science, the fun, hands-on science education organisation will be doing a range of hands-on experiments and science activities for everyone to participate in. If you always wanted to make slime, learn how to read minds or just see of you are full of hot air we will be there to help you and explain some of the science behind our activities.

Tales from the Riverside Farm

Listen to the ‘Tales from Riverside Farm’ by author and AgriKids founder Alma Jordan in this fun and engaging farm safety workshop. From slurry to safety signs to finding out about animal behavior, Alma’s unique approach to creating awareness has continued to delight children all over Ireland. A number of interactive storytelling sessions will take place throughout the day.

Science of the Circus shows

Roll up, roll up and explore the science behind the thrills and spills of the circus. Dr Ken takes you on a voyage of discovery investigating how performers make use of many scientific principles in their tricks and stunts. Find out why jugglers love gravity, how clowns use the force like a Jedi and why unicyclists need to keep moving to stay still. It’s science but not as you may know it!!!

Interactive Animal Encounters

Want to get up close to a tarantula, scorpion or a bird or prey? Hear from Karl and the gang from the Mantella Environmental Education group how these animals adapt in different environments such as warning coloration, camoflage, vegetarian vs predatory lifestyles, animal senses etc.

Diversity of Aquatic Life in Our Rivers & Lakes

Members of Monaghan EPA will be joining us to show what lives in our rivers! The Unit undertake biological monitoring programmes in our rivers, lakes and marine environments. These studies help us to assess water quality by looking at the biological data and combining it with chemical data. Members of the Unit will bring a sample from a local river to show the diversity of aquatic life found in our waters. The Laboratory team based in EPA Monaghan will demonstrate some of the tests they carry out to help keep our rivers and lakes clean and healthy. Come along and try your hand at some scientific experiments using our local rivers and lakes!

Nee Naw Nee Naw

Monaghan Fire Service will be on site from 2-4pm to demonstrate a chip pan fire along with the appliance familiarisation. Get up close with our local fire brigade engine and fire staff, learn about fire safety and the science behind all that equipment!

Laser Lights Demos/Show

Find out how powerful light is and using fluorescence see how light is energy. Come join the PhD students from Queens University (Centre for Plasmas Physics) who work with high power lasers. By using different colour lasers and popping colour balloons you will find out how we see the colours we do. Do you know what diffraction is? Using polarising glasses, plasma balls for this fun interactive demonstration which will have everyone in awe of Light!

Planet Science Kidz Demos

These facilitating shows will introduce children to STEM topics allowing them to explore the Microscopic world, Slimy polymers, Acid base reactions, Coke geysers, Exothermic heat as well as learn about the Science of light & energy and so much more. A number of shows will take place throughout the day – first come served to each show.

The Roll Over & Shuttle – Never Forget Your Seatbelt!

We are delighted to have the RSA roll-over simulator and shuttle visit our family fun day. The simulator is fitted to a hydraulic platform which can simulate a 90 degree and 180 degree roll-over which demonstrates how it would feel if you were a driver or passenger involved in a less than desirable incident. It will show you the effects of being suspended by your seat belt. After this demonstration, people will never travel in a car without a seat belt on. We will also do demonstrations using real size dummies which will also show where you can end up when you are not using your seatbelt.

The shuttle uses the latest simulations and immersive technologies this experience aims to raise awareness around killer behaviours such as speeding, driver distraction, driver fatigue, driving under the influence of alcohol, and many other issues. Test your driving skills and reaction time on the car simulators and break reaction timer. Try to avoid distractions in busy city traffic or stay awake on a late night drive in the virtual reality simulators.


How do scientists know what extinct animals eat? What can a skull and teeth tell us about their owner? Zoologist Catherine McGuinness will answer these questions and more with the help of some Dead Zoo friends!

Universal Robot Ur5 Demos

We are really excited to have the gang from Confirm – Smart Manufacturing Research Centre with the Universal Robot Ur5. The Robot which is an arm with 6 degrees of freedom. The robot will be showing its range of motions through carrying out basic tasks while displaying what happens during a human interference, showing its easily programmable interface and its versatility of using different tools and props. We will be showing off the robot and its abilities, while offering some of the explanation to the technology behind the robot and giving something of a spectacle and opportunities for the public to interact with the robotic arm.

Bubbly Maths Shows

Festival visitors get to make fun giant balloon sculptures and fun giant bubbles! Does it get much more fun than that? Did we mention that what we do is fun? We do make maths fun but we didn’t say we make it easy! The best maths activity is the one that grabs you where you are, engages your mind and takes you to the next level. Our fun activities do just that. We call it Edutainment - Experience making mathematics beyond fun for yourselves!

Want to be a Scientist?

Are you the next Einstein? Or maybe Newtown? Or perhaps the modern day Iron Man? Visit our Science Selfie and dress up area on the day, along with face painters.

Exploration Dome

Explore science, astronomy, geology and geography in a fun and interactive way in the Exploration Dome. We are delighted to welcome one of Ireland’s premier educational state of the art full 360 degree dome with 3-D digital projection technology, stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations. A series of shows will run throughout the day suitable for all ages to watch in this amazing structure!


Create – Invent – Inspire: These are the aims of the Techspace! We welcome our Carrickmacross Library Techspace Club to the festival and what a treat is in store for everyone. Join us on our Techspace open day were children will get to try out lots of different tech equipment. We will have Sphero robots, green screen, midi keyboards, scratch turntable, stop motion, Kano pixels, snap circuits, Ozobots, MakeBlock, a badge maker, Procreate graphics and lots more all available to try out on the day.

Mad Professor Science Shows

These shows educational and fun interactive shows will have everyone laughing, entertained and educated for 60 minutes. It will spark that imagination with their mad and educational experiments, while explaining the facts and involve as many children as possible. The show consists of up to 16 different experiments and covers air, sound, visual puzzles, density, oil and water, explosions and gases! It’s really great science for everyone!

And much more….