Science Week Ireland is an annual event which first took place in 1996 and has grown to a programme of over 800 events scheduled across the country. It is funded through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and it aims to make science more interesting and accessible to everyone - children and adults alike. It highlights how science, technology and engineering are hugely relevant to us all in our everyday lives, lead to interesting and exciting career options and develop creativity in our children. Cavan Monaghan Science Festival 2021.


Welcome to the 2021 Cavan Monaghan Science Festival, a regional Festival celebrating, exploring and promoting the wonders of science, technology, engineering arts and maths (STEAM) in our everyday lives. The Festival will run from the 7th to 14th November.

2016 was our inaugural year, with over 145 events and approximately 9000 participants from preschool children to adults attending across the two counties. The Steering Committee were overwhelmed with the response from the community wanting to engage in our first festival, so much so, that we have planned a more extensive festival in 2017 with over 200 workshops, hands on activities, interactive demonstrations, talks, discussions, film showings, exhibitions to artistic expression scheduled to take place. Indeed the festival last year sparked people's curiosity and awareness that is led to other STEAM and creative programming taken place since the festival. With 2017 being an even more successful collection of Science Events, 2018 promises to excel !

The festival is a Monaghan County Council and Cavan County Council initiative in partnership with Cavan Monaghan ETB, and generously funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

The counties of Cavan and Monaghan have been identified by research carried out by SFI as low intervention counties in terms of STEM participation. So taking this research on board, we developed this festival programme to stimulate interest, excitement and debate about STEM or indeed STEAM (Science technology engineering arts maths) through accessible and entertaining interactions with the public. We hope to engage and inspire people of all ages, and to promote awareness and understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM to everyday life.

With events from astronomy to zoology, this year's festival wants everyone to come out again to discover more wonders of science in our everyday lives. Science is very important in our lives. We all benefit from scientific knowledge from the food we eat, the air we breath to how we sleep. Science and technology power our world, improves our health and can even entertain us. Everywhere you look, there is science!

We will have some of the best national and international scientists, researchers, speakers, creators and artists to take you on a new road of discovery from the Science of Superheroes to Nanotechnology, Science behind Baking to Crime Scene Investigation, Wonders of the Cosmos, Water for Wellness to the Mystery of Food Labelling or try your hand at Coding, Podcasting, 3D cad, Lego storyland, to dealing with serious topics such as Cancer, HPV, Autism, Dementia.

To book your place at one of the open events, choose a county at the top of the page and select the event you wish to attend, and select the number of tickets you wish to avail of using Event brite.

We hope you enjoy our festival of discovery, learning and fun!

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