Cavan Family Fun Day Saturday 19th from 12-5pm

Various Locations

Open FREE Event


Rivers on the Move – Old Reference Library, Cavan 12 – 5pm 

Rivers & streams shape the landscape we see around is today.  Over thousands of years the power of the water has worn down hillsides and carved out the valleys in which our rivers flow as they make their way to our lakes and seas. Our relationship with rivers has changed.  Increasingly we try to control our rivers to protect our property from flooding, to supply drinking water, to provide water for agriculture and industry, and even to produce water generated power.  By trying to control rivers we change them.  Find out how the decisions we make on river management affects rivers now and in the future.  Ballinderry Rivers Trust is a fully registered member of the The Rivers Trusts.


Forensic Geology - Sherlock Holmes and Crime Scene Investigation – Old Reference Library, Cavan 12-5pm 

What is forensic geology and how has geology helped to solve several high profile criminal cases in the UK and internationally?  For example how can soil found on a shoe help to solve a crime?  This event involves how a crime solving problem involving mud, water and a criminal’s boots will reveal how a forensic geologist thinks and show how an understanding of geological processes and environments can assist in unravelling the crime. 

The crime: A valuable fossil fish has been stolen from the collections in Queen’s University!

A suspect is caught (using CCTV) but denies being in the area: he says he was in his garden, at his work, and at the seaside.

Geologists have been asked to help as mud was found on his boots! Participants will be shown how to extract mud from a shoe or boot and save the forensic evidence.

Attendees are asked to come and look at the specimens, we show these on the viewer and the attendees decide if the suspect is guilty based on colour and texture of mud.


Gold in them thar’ Drumlins – Cavan Courthouse – 12pm & 12.30pm 

Ancient exotic worlds of Cavan and Monaghan

Indonesia, South Africa, Mongolia, Australia, Chile, Cavan and Monaghan have two things in common……..Gold and Gypsum. Gypsum has been mined in the Kingscourt region since the 1930’s. High levels of Gold have been discovered in soil stretching across Armagh, Monaghan and Cavan.  Only one out of a billion atoms of rock in Earth’s crust are gold, so finding large amounts of Gold in one place is extremely rare. Making Gold deposits takes millions of years, super-heated water, volcanoes and destruction of the Earth’s crust. Gypsum forms in salty coastal lagoons in desert environments. Neither sounds much like present day Cavan!  Where did the volcanoes and sea come from and go to? What did our county (and country) look like 400 million years ago? Join us as we unravel time to reveal the major geological events that shaped our county, and left us with rare and valuable metals materials.


Lacken NS STEAM room – Johnston Central Library, Cavan 11am -3pm 

We have Ireland's first ever school STEAMroom. This is a room with no books or workbooks. Quality teaching and learning and is often pupil lead, using the most up to date technology and resources available. 


Colmac Robotics workshop - 

Pupils will be introduced to the concepts of simple and compound gear mechanisms, how they work and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each. Pupils will then decide which system to use in their robot and design a robot around this. Weight distribution, balance, torque and friction will be addressed as sub factors during the lesson. Pupils will be motivated to participate in a competition against their class mates and also by the experience of getting to do a practical task during the school day.


Dr. Ken – Science of the Circus - Cavan Courthouse - 12pm, 1.30pm and 3pm

Roll up, roll up and explore the science behind the thrills and spills of the circus. Dr Ken takes you on a voyage of discovery investigating how performers make use of many scientific principles in their tricks and stunts. Find out why jugglers love gravity, how clowns use the force like a Jedi and why unicyclists need to keep moving to stay still. It’s science but not as you may know it!!!


Roisin Crawford Demo’s – Coffee Dock – Cavan Library 12pm – 5pm 

STEM Aware aims to encourage every pupil to engage in the world of STEM from an early age right through to third level education and career choices. STEM Aware engagement will get everyone to think like a scientist, operate like an engineer and play like a child!On their visit to Cavan they will preform a number of simple scientific experiments with the children.