Monaghan Family Fun Day Saturday 19th from 12-5pm’

Carrickmacross Civic Centre

Open FREE Event

A fun interactive day for everyone to join in and see how Science is in our everyday life’. Be warned, bring a packed lunch, you could be here for a while...


Zoo To You 

Come see and hear about reptiles including snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and even some tarantulas and scorpions.  An opportunity to come close to some of the animals and maybe even touch them, while dispelling some common myths about reptiles and arachnids and helping people to overcome some of their fears. 

Test Your Mind: The Problem-Solving Initiative

Do you love solving problems and brain teasers? Test your mind with puzzles and challenges from the Problem-Solving Initiative! Try decoding the languages of the world with the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, test your wits with logic games, and check out examples of science and technology careers for strong problem solvers. There’s something for all ages and ability levels. Run by the Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Centre, the Problem-Solving Initiative  ( aims to foster the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland. 

Tales from the Riverside Farm 

Listen to the ‘Tales from Riverside Farm’ by author and AgriKids founder Alma Jordan in this fun and engaging farm safety workshop. From slurry to safety signs to finding out about animal behavior, Alma’s unique approach to creating awareness has continued to delight children all over Ireland. ‘Through engaging and entertaining our children we are empowering our future farmers to be farm safety ambassadors’, (Alma Jordan)

Museum Show and Tell

Meet some of the Monaghan County Museum staff as they present a hands on display of objects and artefacts from their extensive collections. Learn more about how simple science was applied thousands of years ago to overcome some enormous obstacles.

Build it, Make it Play Area

Want to build the highest tower? Maybe make the next new fastest model car?  Or simply relax and use your imagination to build with lego, knex, mecchano and a host of other wonderful educational and fun equipment to try out. Suitable for all ages 

MAKESHOP in Monaghan

MAKESHOP is an educational workshop space set up by Science Gallery in 2012. Originally a pop up experiment, MAKESHOP continues to go from strength to strength. With our programme of walk-in and premium workshops, along with our off-site visits, we bring the maker movement to a whole new audience. 'MAKESHOP in Monaghan' will see us providing a section of our most popular workshops.

Simon Watt Science Shows 

Simon Watt is President for Life of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.  At the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, we celebrate and explore the incredible biology of the animal kingdom’s most monstrous.  What adaptations make them amazing?  How did such hideous creatures evolve in the first place.  The show features videos, demonstrations and lots and lots of audience participation. This show has been hailed as an example of British Science Communication at its best and so been performed as part of a tour of Canada, Ireland and the UK as well as in Bulgaria, Mexico and the USA.

Marine Dimensions

The Marine Dimensions Experience will be onsite for the Family Fun day and includes a touch-pool containing live sea creatures, including starfish, shrimp, anemones, crabs, sea snails and lots more!  An interactive display with props, sea shells, whale baleen and stunning underwater images will help explain some of what happened below the sea.  A qualified marine biologists will also be on hand to answer any and all of your seal life questions!

Little Hands Science

Irene Caulfield will be visiting the Family Fun Day for some hands on fun for the little ones.  Irene is a Science teacher with years of experience in the Science industry.   She will introduce your toddlers and pre-schoolers to the basics of science through fun activities that stimulate curiosity.