And her Magical Science & Engineering show

Various locations 17-Nov-23

Scientific Sue’s wacky combination of science and drama makes this Educational Show both magical, funny and thought provoking. Many magical apprentices will be need to help Scientific Sue find out the science and engineering behind many amazing illusions and magic tricks.

Is it possible to make liquids defy the pull of gravity? Or make green tea then changes to happy yellow or sad blue depending on the magical charm used. We are surrounded by invisible forces which can be used to push and pull. Using these magical properties Scientific Sue will show you how the science of spin can be used to defy gravity, how electric forces can be used to make things fly and how marvelous magnets can cause items to spin!

All of the above and lots more will not only stimulate curiosity and imagination within your young audiences but will also highlight the relevance and impact of science and engineering on our everyday lives.

Warning: Danger Science Magic - Fun Guaranteed!