Weather can be extreme, scary and devastating and the effects of climate change is just going make weather even scarier.


No better topic for Scientific Sue to use her drama skills to entertain you!!

We all know about tornados but did you know fires can also spin! Join us to find out how fire tornados can be formed and why the eucalyptus tree is the fire brigades’ enemy.

This show has given Scientific Sue a few engineering challenges too. Find out how a super flooding system, not fed by rain water but by Mentos can be built. High winds and flooding can knock down bridges – sometime bridges which are the life line for remote villages – volunteers will be needed to help build a pulley system out of balloons!

Something must be melting to cause the Earth’s water levels to rise. What is it? Thinking icebergs? Wrong!! The consequences of any changes to our climate could lead to intense droughts, storms, heat waves and rising sea levels - we don’t want to alarm you we want to scare you!

Scare you with crazy, innovative science demonstrations which will answer many questions but may also put our volunteer’s existence in danger!

Warning: this show is at times educational however, might be occasionally highly fictional, and you should only attend if you want to enjoy a creatively shocking but fun-filled experience.

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