Online crowdcast: 14/11/2022: 1.30pm

Like many of us, Gavin Bradley was fascinated by dinosaurs as a child.

Unlike many of us, he followed a path of study that led him to working in the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, Canada. He now teaches introductory dinosaur palaeontology classes in the University of Edmonton in Canada. Gavin will join us for a Live webinar from Canada.

Gavin will look at "The Dinosaurs of Alberta". With sites such as Dinosaur Provincial Park, Pipestone Creek, and Danek Bone Bed, Alberta is one of the very best places in the world to find dinosaur fossils. This talk will take you through how palaeontologists at the University of Alberta find, collect, and identify the remains of some of the most amazing creatures to ever walk the earth

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