Online zoom: 08/11/2022: 10.00 

In this workshop, we will cover DNA Structure, Replication, & Base pairing. We will construct a DNA model and a model of replication as part of the practical session where students can follow us as we construct the models in Real Time. How it works: A talk is given on DNA approx 25-30 minutes.

This is followed by experiments approx 25 - 30 minutes. Every talk is delivered online via zoom, experiments that follow with each topic are carried out in real time and a list of materials required will be sent to the Schools before the talks!

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Materials Needed for DNA Replication

  •  Thick candy rope - Strawberry Pencils (2 per Student) - I Usually get mine in Mr price - Tesco has some as well but ensure to get the thick type.
  • Small sticks - small wooden toothpicks OR craft small sticks as shown in the picture
  • Jelly tots (Dna Bases)