Online Zoom: 10/11/2022: 10.00 

Be a Rocket Scientist for an hour with the help and guidance of Dr. Hardiman.

Learn about what it takes to launch a rocket before undertaking your very own launch.

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Materials needed for Foam Rockets

  • Scissors 1 per student or per pair
  • Cereal box 1 per 10 students ( they each need a small piece
  • Ruler 30cm - if there are 1 meter rulers in the school these will be better
  • Elastic bands 4 per student
  •  1 x 25cm per student - long foam pipe for insulation, (Can be found in hardware shops)
  • Medium sized plastic cable ties 3 per student
  • Knitting wool (1 x 30cm per student)
  • Duct tape (1 roll per class)