How Irish is the Smartphone and is it a phone or a place: 11/11/20 8 pm

There are not many books about how people get younger. It doesn’t happen very often. But Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland documents a radical change in the experience of ageing. Based on two ethnographies, one within Dublin and the other from the Dublin region, the book shows that people, rather than seeing themselves as old, focus on crafting a new life in retirement. Our research participants apply new ideals of sustainability both to themselves and to their environment. The smartphone has become integral to this new trajectory. For some it is an intimidating burden linked to being on the wrong side of a new digital divide. But for most, however, it has brought back the extended family and old friends.This is a book about acknowledging late middle age in contemporary Ireland. How do older people in Ireland experience life today? free? How many of us have really read the “tick box” that contains the Consent Form / Privacy Policy? We instinctively allow our agreement to use any data we submit to a variety of different places for a variety of reasons. Passwords, ethical hacking, deep search data and more will be discussed in this 60 minute talk.

Prof Daniel Miller

Professor Daniel Miller is an anthropologist who is closely associated with studies of human relationships to things, the consequences of consumption and digital anthropology. He has shifted his prime interest to the study of digital anthropology, creating the first programme with that title at Anthropology UCL. There followed a series of projects about the internet, webcam and other digital media based in Trinidad and the Philippines. Over the last ten years, he has run two ERC funded global projects, the first Why We Post devoted to the study of social media and the current project ASSA – The Anthropology of Smartphones and Smart Ageing.